Videos #2 are uploaded!

Dear friends,

if you missed the event or you would like to hear some of the talks once again, please, visit the Video #2 section on the page or our Facebook page, where you can also watch the videos in HD quality.


Thank You!

Dear friends! We would like to thank to all the speakers, volunteers, family, friends, audience! It was a great evening for us as well and a lovely finale to our long preparations, meetings, brainstormings. We hope, you took a huge dose of inspiration with you and will remember the evening!

We would also like to draw your attention to a brand new project: Ideas that Matter, the NGO, an initiative of Jasper Bergink (the SITM #1 team member) and Xenia Lauritsen, who would like to extend the idea of the event and continue in its direction.

Yours Chiara, Eva & Jérôme ;)


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The programme has been announced!

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The list of speakers is complete! To see all the profiles, click here.

Public speaking workshop

In order to help our speaker feel more confident on the stage, we organised a public speaking workshop last Thursday. Instead of P-Luxing, we spent  a great evening with some of the speakers and two guests from the Toastmasters Brussels. We would like to thank  Serge Pegoff and Thomas Vervaet for their feedback, great advices to our speakers and nice time spent together.

Public speaking workshop

Still wondering, what is this event all about?

Maybe, a little visualisation will help! And don’t forget to register ;)