Charlelie Jourdan & Gauthier Bas

Two guys who created P-LUX: the first brand dedicated to the promotion of the European idea 

Charlelie Jourdan

Our idea that matters… We would like to share our vision of creative communication for the European Union.

 Our stagiaire path…  We did our traineeship in the European Parliament – Gauthier as a trainee in DG Communication and Charlelie as a trainee for a MEP – we can say that the experience gave us all the assets to pursue a career in Brussels and work for the European sector. 

Gauthier Bas

We believe that there are many ways to communicate on the European Union and that most of them have been undermined by a big aversion to risk. The status quo being a dead end for the EU, we thought that Stagiaires’ Ideas that Matter was one of the many brilliant intent to change the game and give a floor to innovative ideas and these were good reasons to accept the invitation. 

Our source of inspiration… Our source of inspiration are multiple. One of the common denominator between us, Gauthier and Charlelie,  is a real sincere interest for Europe as a continent and the European Union as an attempt to give a sense of cohesiveness among the people of Europe. So our main inspiration is basically the European idea and the fact that the incredible diversity of our continent results in never-ending surprises and inspiration in every sectors. 

Note… At the time we will make our speech and attend your event, our project P-LUX will have gather or not a first support from people. P-LUX is one approach we are developing towards innovative communication, and it is not the only one. So we will broach the topic of innovative communication as a whole. We obviously hope that our crowdfunding project will be a success, but if not, it will definitely be a great experience and landmark on our personal path towards learning how to communicate better about the EU.

If you want to contact Charlelie and Gauthier and support P-LUX, check these! WEB:   //  EMAIL:   //  TWITTER:  @PLux_eu //FACEBOOK : 

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