Vendula Havlíková

What’s your name and DG?
Vendula Havlíková, DG Budget

If you were to speak on Ideas That Matter, what would your talk be about?
About the use of chemicals in agriculture, health issues that might arise from it, importance of organic food and traditional nutrition.

What place in your home country would you recommend people to visit?
My favourite region in the Czech Republic is the South Bohemia. Particularly picturesque is the historical towns of Trebon and Jindrichuv Hradec, surrounded by fishponds, woods and eat bogs. The unspoiled countryside reveals a wide range of historical and technical monuments and is ideal for hiking and cycling. It is also the best region in the Czech Republic to eat fish :)

What is your favourite TED talk?
Jamie Oliver’s award winning speech on food and child obesity

Where can we find you online?
Linkedin profile: Vendula Havlíková


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  1. Well done!

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