Solidarity benefit #1

Since year and day, European Commission trainees have supported development projects around the world carried out by the Europe-Third World Assocation. The traineeship session for October 2011 has chosen to support a project that aims to provide Irrigation and drinking water for the peasant communities of Toruro and Qota (Bolivia).

Since the beginning of the traineeship in October, the trainees Solidarity Subcommittee has organised many event to raise money for this project. In order to support their efforts, the Ideas That Matter team has decided to make the event a Solidarity benefit event. Attendance to the event is free. However, we would appreciate it very much if you would make a donation. We suggest a five euro donation for Commission trainees and a ten euro donation for external guests participating in the Ideas That Matter event. Please find more information on the project below.

Droughts in Toruro and Qota

The situation in Toruro and Qota is critical especially due to the droughts affecting the area. People are trying to tie pipes which transport water between them using cloths in order to make the water get to a source which is accessible to all especially the children.  Adults and animals only receive very little water.  The current system is a hand-made one, has only but a small tank and old pipes that transport water from the tank to the 2 schools and 2 other access points which is insufficient for 2 communities.

Project Objective

Building an irrigational system and a system supplying drinking water in the communities of Toruro and Qota in the region of Colquechaca, North of Potosi, Bolivia.

Specific Objectives

This project foresees the installation of an irrigational system and one for the drinking water to cope with the shortage of water these 2 communities are facing. There is a demand from the Toruro people to help maintain the only available for drinking water tank (in spite of it being neglected by the responsible municipalities). The project foresees the establishment of 2 systems for water supply, one for every community to provide drinking and irrigational water. The project also foresees to make the necessary adjustments and work to install properly the pipes and to ensure their durability. Filters are also part of the project in order to prevent the waste and other stuff blocking the pipes. The project also foresees to establish an irrigational committee to ensure the functioning and the maintenance of the system but also to raise awareness with regards to how is best to manage the water resource.

For more information about the project, contact Maria Hadjimichael


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