Veronika Šumová

What’s your name and DG?
Veronika Šumová, DG Communication, Spokespersons’ Service

What’s your role in the Ideas That Matter team?
Member, helping out with production issues.

If you were to speak on Ideas That Matter, what would your talk be about?
I had an opportunity to both volunteer and work for NGOs that are developing powerful applications online that make it easier for people to be informed / become involved in the world around them. I became a great fan of them and I would like to share some of the ideas and projects I got to know on my way.

What place in your home country would you recommend people to visit?
Prague. Pittoresque and funny, impressive and maginificent. Unique, famous, my home. The only Czech city with a world’s feel. If already have been there, try “Valassko” – region on the very east of the country. Soil that produced only potatoes and only after hard work gave birth to tough people, but tender inside and with big heart. Live traditions, strong alcohol and beautiful countryside…

What is your favourite TED talk?
I’ve seen Kristina stole my idea, I have also seen this video as a first one, but never mind, I have something in store. Melinda Gates: What can Nonprofits learn from Coca-Cola. Or we can in a flash make a list what all is missing in Third world… but there is one thing they have… Coke. Learn the lesson.

Where can we find you online?
LinkedIn: Veronika Šumová


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