Thiago Tavares

A man who presents mobility challenges with Brazilian perspective

Thiago Tavares

My idea that matters… There is no single recipe for success when dealing with today’s mobility challenges. Sometimes the solution is not in the creation of a revolutionary new technology but in the intelligent application of the existing technologies in a more cost efficient and effective manner creating a new concept. This is the case of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), public transportation concept first implemented in Curitiba, Brazil that uses buses to approach the service quality of rail transit while still enjoying the cost savings and flexibility of a bus transit.

My stagiaire path… In Brazil, it is a standard practice to do part time traineeships during university studies. I have done several traineeships in different areas of engineering (project, construction, urban planning and transport) and this working experience allowed me to have a comprehensive overview of the civil engineering field. In addition, the traineeships not only allowed me to improve significantly my technical, social and personal skills, but also gave me essential inputs to define my career objectives.

* Thiago is currently a stagiaire at DG MOVE, EC.

I accepted the invitation to speak at the Stagiaires’ Ideas that Matter #2 event, because… I believe that one of the solutions to the mobility challenges faced nowadays is raising awareness of the importance of each individual in this transport scheme. Given my transport engineering background, I am willing to give you an overview about this mobility challenges and a South American approach to this issue.

My source of inspiration… is my passion for transport and mobility. In addition, I believe that by giving an overview about the different means of transport and their important role in the society, I will be able to influence individuals to a wider view about the importance of using public transportation.

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