Angelika Hild

A woman who stands up against street harassment

My idea that matters… Street Harassment is an epidemic that practically all women and LGBTQI people endure frequently:

Angelika Hild

You’re walking down the street, minding your own business, and suddenly you are harassed. Whether it’s comments  such as “Nice ass”, “fagott” or other forms of verbal abuse, a complete stranger following you, or even public masturbation – it produces a feeling of threat, influences the way you live your life and ultimately infringes upon one of your basic freedoms: the freedom of movement.

But Street Harassment can be ended. Hollaback! is an international movement against street harassment founded in 2005 in New York. It has since expanded to 50 cities all over the world – from London to Berlin, from Mexico City to – Brussels: I will talk about how I founded the Brussels section this year together with three girls from Belgium and the U.S., how the Hollaback! idea works, what we have done so far and what we have achieved.

Because it is important to know: We can stand up against street harassment – one Hollaback! at a time.

My stagiaire path… I have a Bachelors degree in European Studies and am currently finishing my Masters in “Communication et Affaires Européennes”. I am a fully trained journalist and have worked at (the online edition of an important German newspaper), a career network and a large communication agency. At present, I am doing a traineeship at the European Parliament, DG COMM.

I accepted the invitation to speak at the Stagiaires’ Ideas that Matter #2 event, because… I am passionate about the work we’re doing at Hollaback!Brussels and I want to spread the word that everyone can do something against street harassment.

My source of inspiration… Emily May, one of the founders of Hollaback!, who in 2010, after having applied in vain for several grants, just took the plunge (and all her savings) and became Hollaback!’s first full-time Executive Director.  We have had the pleasure to talk to Emily, and she is such a powerful and warm-hearted woman by whom it is impossible not be inspired.

If you want to contact Angelika check these!                                                                        WEB: // TWITTER: @HollabackBXL // FACEBOOK:

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