Who are we?


The official traineeship scheme of the European Commission is an internship programme providing official in-service training with the European Commission and lasts for five months. Starting with 3 trainees in 1960, by 1983 their number had reached 500, and in 2010 about 1 200 trainees were recruited (the two traineeship periods counted together). During the first 50 years of its history (1960–2010), more than 40 000 trainees have participated in the programme.

We are a group of European Commission trainees (also know as stagiares).  The traineeship aims to provide young university graduates with a unique, first-hand experience of the workings of the European Commission in particular, and of the EU institutions in general. The training also aims to provide an understanding of the objectives and goals of the EU integration processes and policies. During our traineeship we have an opportunity to acquire practical experience and knowledge of the day-to-day work of the Commission Departments and Services. Additionally, we have an opportunity to work in a multicultural, multilingual and multiethnic environment, contributing to the development of mutual understanding, trust and tolerance.

The European Commission, also benefits through its official traineeships scheme as the trainees can give a fresh point of view and up-to-date academic knowledge, enriching the everyday work of the European Commission, will be better prepared to collaborate and co-operate with the European Commission in the future, and would potentially act as “goodwill ambassadors” for European ideas and values, both within the European Union and outside.

Some traineess try to go beyond the traineeship’s European experience by forming different sub-committeess depending on our interests.  Some try to promote a greener lifestyle through the Environment sub-committee; some try to promote awareness on issues in developing countries whilst fundraising to micro-finance projects in those countries through Solidarité; some are trying to spread their love for multi-linguism through the Language sub-committee!

In the same context, a few of us who are always looking for ways to change the world for the best have decided to come together and create a platform for those stagiares who have an inspiring idea they want to share about ‘Our Impact On the World’!


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