Chiara Donadelli

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?                

Not a clue… I believe failure is part of my learning process which means that if I don’t fail I won’t improve.                                                                                      On being wrong… and failure or not =)

1. My bag: what to say, it is one of my favorites (her name is marypoppins, almost anything can fit in it). My mom bought it for me, as a bday present when we were out shopping just me and her, which does not happen very often, so it also brings back good memories. Its high quality leather and versatility makes it a must have in my list.

2. Of course it is an umbrella: I believe you know the reason behind my decision to carry around an umbrella.. it is called “I live in Brussels”

3. Water Bottle: don’t like to buy water, if I can bring it from home or fill my bottle at work. and this one is a present I got from by bf when he came back from NYC. It can be folded and carried into the airport to be filled once you get to a tap =) always handy!

Where can you find me online (blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook): Ask google ;) [but just in case: Facebook and LinkedIn]

Where can you find me during the traineeship:
OLAF (European Anti-Fraud Office)

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