Kasia Syska

What’s your name and DG?
Katarzyna Syska, DG Justice

What’s your role in the Ideas That Matter team?
Legal Officer – I handle the Intellectual Property and related issues, such as license agreements and publicity releases from speakers and other persons creatively involved in the event.

If you were to speak on Ideas That Matter, what would your talk be about?

Universal right to Internet access

What place in your home country would you recommend people to visit?
The Mazurian Lakes region

What is your favourite TED talk?
Richard St. John’s talk on the eight secrets of success. I find it convincing and inspiring. Also, I have a preference for brief speeches. As I once learned, the 2-minute Gettysburg Address had a much larger influence on the audience than a 2-hour speech by an excellent orator which preceded it (see further: What Great Writers Can Teach Lawyers and Judges)

Where can we find you online?
LinkedIn: Katarzyna Syska

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