Kristina Östman

What’s your name and DG?

Kristina Östman, DG Energy.

What’s your role in the Ideas That Matter team?
I am one of the co-directors, together with Jasper and Maria.

If you were to speak on Ideas That Matter, what would your talk be about?
The absolute necessity for climate justice, and what should be done by the developed world to achieve it.

What place in your home country would you recommend people to visit?
The Swedish West coast. I’m from the East myself, so shouldn’t say that, but it is one of the most stunning places I’ve ever seen with all its tiny little islands.

What is your favourite TED talk?
I want to show this as it was the first one I saw and it convinced me of how powerful TED talks can be. For me it is the perfect example of how to make otherwise quite unaccessible but very important information attractive, accessible and inspiring to anyone.

Where can we find you online?
You can find my Swedish blog here: (google translate might come in handy!), and connect with me on LinkedIn and Facebook.


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