Videos #2

Angelika Hild

Hollaback! Brussels: A movement against street harassment

Thiago Tavares

Bus Rapid Transit

Toni Cowan-Brown 

Social Media – Blurring the lines

Andrea Carafa

Green Young Economy

Alain Hubert

Transition in a changing world

Jelena Vasic

Living a dream

P-Lux *Gauthier Bas & Charlelie Jourdan

First (nice looking!) T-shirts on Europe

Lidia Estevez-Picon

Consuming your way to a better world

Wilfried De Wever

Bringing different aspirations together 

* due to technical problems, we couldn’t upload Wilfried’s  talk from the event. Hence, we have decided to publish this Aspiration Platform video and an article about the platform.


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