Ideas That Matter, the NGO

What would Europe look like if every young European had a platform to share ideas like Stagiaires’ Ideas That Matter?

WHAT is next?

Stagiaires’ Ideas That Matter is only a beginning. After meeting at the first SITM event, Jasper and Xenia thought young Europeans can do more to show their vision and ideas. Some months later, we are close to the launch of Ideas That Matter, the NGO. And your ideas are welcome!


Wouldn’t it be amazing if young people’s innovative, creative and practical ideas to make Europe a better place would find fertile ground? To go beyond stagiaires and offer all young Europeans a platform to spread their ideas, we decided to establish Ideas That Matter, the NGO.


At Ideas That Matter, we believe that young Europeans have great ideas that can change Europe for the better. We believe:

  • Public speaking matters – in principle, anybody can learn to speak in public. We thus aim to enhance Europe’s public speaking culture.
  • Every idea matters – passions, believes and ideas can bridge gaps between disciplines and inspire people. Positive leadership opens new opportunities.
  • Youth’s ideas matter – we want to show policymakers that European youth are well equipped to find solutions for the challenges of today.


If you, like us, believe that young people should do a bit more effort to show that their ideas matter to Europe, why don’t you become part of the story? There are many ways you can contribute: by telling people in your network about us, by becoming a member, or by helping us directly. Are you curious? Get in touch!


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