Clémence Cavoli

What is your name and DG?
Clémence Cavoli, DG MOVE

Who is your personal hero?
Many people have inspired me, amongst which Wangari Maathai, Lester Brown and Nelson Mandela. 

What is your Idea That Matters?
How many of us should there be on earth?
Creative Commons License
How many of us should there be on earth? by Clémence Cavoli is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License

Overpopulation is still a taboo subject. It is principally because the dominant religions throughout the world encourage reproduction without limits. It is also due to the fact that countries policies which aim to regulate population growth are seen negatively because they encroach on people’s freedom and threaten human rights.

However, with the world having reached its 7th billion inhabitant a few weeks ago and trends showing an ever increasing population, the need to question it is becoming urgent. Are we too many on the planet? if yes how can we remedy it?

Indeed, as a result of scientific and industrial progress, human beings are now one of the most numerous species of mammals on earth. This has several consequences. To feed our species and satisfy our ever growing needs, we, human beings, are putting an ever increasing strain on the environment by using its resources.

So what is the ideal human population and how should achieve that number? This is the question which will be raised and explored during Ideas That Matter.

What is your favourite TED talk and why?
One of my favourite TED talk is an inspiring and passionate speech given by Isabel Allende. She tells the story of different women throughout the world, from the poor women in a refugee camp to Wangari Maathai on an awareness campaign to plant trees. What unites these women is their determination, their courage and heart. Isabel Allende reminds us how important feminism is and how women can make the world “good”. As far as I am concerned, she just reminds me that as a privileged, educated and “free” woman I have a duty, the duty to help others and spread feminine values throughout the world.


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