Wilfried De Wever

A man who wants to support people in realization of their aspirations

Wilfried De Wever

My idea that matters… A world where more people get to live their dreams in their profession and turn their profession into their dreams.

My stagiaire path… I didn’t do a stage or traineeship. But I know quite some people who have, and I have personally coached and managed approximately 20 stagiaires in the last two years.

I accepted the invitation to speak at the Stagiaires’ Ideas that Matter #2 event, because… I am a fan of ideas that matter and, even more so of people making them happen. I also believe my ideas matter and have started some initiatives that aim to support people in realising their aspirations (www.aspirationplatform.com and www.effectius.com).

My source of inspiration… Sun light, star light and everyone I get to know from a distance or from up close who is kindly working towards a better and more joyful self in a better and more joyful world.

Note… Wilfried has posted a new aspiration related to our event on the aspiration platform: http://www.aspirationplatform.com/aspiration/make-room-my-presentation-support-1-stagaire-aspiration-stagiaires-ideas-matter-event. Have a look! You can post an aspiration and start a discussion before the event.

Puravisa, Aspiration Platform… How often do you open your computer only to glance at the digital clock in the top right of your screen and realize it is three hours later, and all you’ve done is check your e-mail, Facebook and Twitter?

But the Internet is not to blame entirely for our lack of productivity. Life, in any age, is full of wasting lots of time, and while the Internet is a great tool for this, so are television, long walks at night, even sometimes careers. Too often we become caught up in a great sea of people, responsibilities and expectations. We lose sight of what we dreamed of accomplishing as children, of where we know we can make a difference, and as we let life slip by, we leave behind an important piece of ourselves.

But just like the Internet is wonderful for wasting time, it can also serve as a tool to recover it. A growing social media platform, aspiration.com, can chart your course to fulfill your most fundamental goals.

The method is simple. First, the platform asks the user to take stock of his or her life’s aspirations and articulate them, for some a tough task. Then, the platform allows users to set a timeline for fulfilling their aspirations and connects them with the people and resources for bringing their ideas out into the community. Users can view others with similar aspirations and message them directly to coordinate ideas; when they record progress on their goals, they earn pura points which can be given to other users as symbols of support for their aspirations. Users can also “like” aspirations or designate them as “not cool.” They can also comment on aspirations and post explanatory videos.

The platform has a lot of potential as a personal, goal-oriented tracker, a global support network, and an encyclopaedia of the purest mindsets of our population. Business developers, coaches, recruitment officers and investors will be able to search actively for the right partners to work with. In addition, researchers, journalists, activists and politically affluent or global minded citizens could use the platform to connect, in a more concrete and personal way, with likeminded or with the hopes of people in regions of unrest and political turmoil.  The platform helps provide a global pulse on humanity.

But the website still has a lot of room for growth. At present, the site contains an initial community of just over 300 users from 40 countries. But resources are limited, it can be quite cumbersome to filter through the aspirations, and the interface is in need of a facelift.

Fortunately, a redesign in the coming months will result in a more interactive interface, where users can navigate through a universe of aspirations and zoom into different areas to view similar aspirations. Popular aspirations that have gained attention will appear larger and surface earlier when browsing, and users will be able to browse through aspirations by region, topic and timetable in a more intuitive manner.

Below the main universe of aspirations, a newsfeed of incoming aspirations will be updated as they are posted with tags for type and region. Users will have the option of creating widgets to keep tabs on aspirations in areas that interest them and for tracking the aspirations of their friends. The new features should attract a more comprehensive network, and if the site grows, Puravisa, the company managing the aspirationplatform will provide point people as resources for specific areas of interest.

To generate revenue and maintain the platform, Puravisa is now selling simplified versions of the platform tailored to specific needs. These light versions can serve as collection tools for people’s wishes and expectations when organizing music festivals, science conferences, art fairs and a host of other events. NGOs or government institution might use a version of the platform to poll constituents on issues that matter to them. Companies might use the platform to gather thoughts on a new product or suggestions for improvement for the latest model. We’re excited to collaborate with you on your vision for these light versions. Rather than send out a survey that most will ignore, using a light version of the platform, people can post requests and expectations at their leisure, support an aspiration and comment on the wishes of others.

The aspiration platform asks you to take a throughout look at your goals and reason through how to achieve them. It demands you take ownership of your aspirations by publicizing them and setting a timetable, however long, to take steps necessary for bringing your dreams to life. In return, it provides a community to support and guide you on your way and allows you to support others with similar aims. If you’re working on global engagement, website or app programming, or promotion and are interested in collaborating with us to speed up the process of growing our community, shoot us an e-mail. [info@puravisa.com]. We want to engage you, so puravisa management welcomes your ideas, suggestions and technical expertise — just like the platform!

Aspiration.com invites you seize the opportunity to live a more fulfilled life, and thanks to the World Wide Web and tools like Skype, the right people are just around the online corner.

If you want to contact Wilfried check these!                                                                  WEB: www.aspirationplatform.com & www.effectius.com  //                       LinkedIn: http://be.linkedin.com/in/wilfrieddewever

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