Meet the Team

3 people with one objective- to make the evening on July 4th remarkable, inspiring and well organised.


Let the new poster speak for itself!

Registration is open!

Are you planning to come to Stagiaires’ Ideas That Matter #2 event? Then don’t forget to register! See you on July 4th!

*Note: the registration will close on Tuesday July 3rd at 12am.

Yes, it’s on!

We can’t express how excited we are about the upcoming Stagiaire’s Ideas That Matter #2! It’s been a couple of weeks, since we have started our regular meetings in cafeterias and EC canteens- to brainstorm, plan, make decisions. So far, it’s been a wonderful and inspiring journey and we can’t wait to see, what are the following days and weeks gonna be like. We have also had the pleasure to meet couple of great and interesting people- stagiaires interested in sharing their ideas, helpful and excited subcommittees’ members, freelancers and many others. Our special thanks goes to Jasper, former stagiaire and a member of  the Stagiaires’ Ideas That Matter #1, who has been supporting our initiative, ideas and enthusiasm from the very beginning!

We would like to spread our excitement and get you on board- as speakers, volunteers or audience; and make the Ideas That Matter be shared and heard.

Eva, Chiara & Jerome

New developments: Ideas That Matter #2 on July 4th

It doesn’t really show from this blog, but a lot is happening around Ideas That Matter. After the previous generation of European Commission stagiaires finished their traineeship at the end of February, a new group of enthusiastic trainees has taken over the initiative.

That means there is absolutely wonderful news: the second edition of Ideas That Matter is taking place on 4th of July at the Hub Brussels. It is promising to be another interesting night of inspiring presentations on many different topics. In the framework of the presentations, a group of ‘old’ and ‘new’ team members held an informal Pecha Kucha night to work on their presentation skills.

At the same time, another project is in development: to establish Ideas That Matter as a proper NGO dedicated to help young Europeans to have their voices heard, their public speaking skills developed and their ideas spread. To stay up to date with on all these developments, keep an eye on this blog and our Facebook page.

Stagiaire speakers’ videos online

The stagiaire speakers on stage. Photo credit: Inga Vaiciakauskaite/Stagiaires' Ideas That Matter

On 22 February 2012, a public of almost 150 people participated in the first, but hopefully not the last, edition of Stagiaires’ Ideas That Matter.

The videos of all the stagiaires speakers are now available via their personal speaker pages, which you can find via speakers.

Well, that’s enough of words. Time to take a look at some of the videos. Here’s is Basia‘s:

The big day!

Today, at 18.30 at the Hub, it is going to happen: after two months of preparation, Ideas That Matter is finally taking place. Team and speakers are really ready for it, so we hope you are as well?