Edition #1


22nd February 2012 at 18.30 at The Hub Brussels (Rue du Prince Royal 37)




The #1 edition was organised by:

Lorena BaricJasper BerginkMartha BicketMaria HadjimichaelVendula HavlíkováKristina ÖstmanRike RochowanskiVeronika Šumová &
Kasia Syska


The two sessions of Ideas That Matter showed presentations by trainees (‘stagiaires’) of the European Commission, as well as two speakers from outside the Commission. All speakers shared ideas about topics they feel passionate about, related to the main theme of the event – Our Impact on the World. Talks  focused on topics like sustainability, development and Human Rights. To get to know more about individual speakers, follow the links to see their speaker profiles.


The stagiaire speakers on stage. Photo credit: Inga Vaiciakauskaite/Stagiaires’ Ideas That Matter.

External speakers
Samia Lounis, Advocacy Director at the One Laptop per Child Foundation: Education is cheaper than ignorance
Daniel Pentzlin, Sustainable Finance Campaigner at Friends of the Earth Europe: EU financial market policy makers can fight hunger

Stagiaire speakers
Jasper Bergink: Why our ideas matter
Clémence Cavoli How many of us should there be on earth?
Maria Hadjimichael: Changing the World, from grass root movement to high level negotiations
Cillian O’Donoghue: Energy diversification: why it matters
Basia Opalska: Gender equality: a personal story
Linda Romanovska: Be Social! the Social Side of Adaptation to Climate Change
Valeria Serpentini: The Third Industrial Revolution: A new story for Europe
Kasia Syska: Internet access, a fundamental right
Juan Victor Véliz: Our generation: the impact of culture and tradition
Lothar Van Driessche: Making the low-carbon transition of our energy system happen


Public speaking is a skill, and thus something you can learn. With that thought in mind, we asked public speaking coach Paul Arinaga to give a workshop for our speakers.


Since year and day, European Commission trainees have supported development projects around the world carried out by the Europe-Third World Assocation. The traineeship session for October 2011 has chosen to support a project that aims to provide Irrigation and drinking water for the peasant communities of Toruro and Qota (Bolivia). More…


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