Jelena Vasic

A woman who never forgets to dream

Jelena Vasic

My idea that matters… I will give you the reasons why you should never give up on your dreams :)

My stagiaire path… Yes, when I moved to Brussels I did my first internship with Weber Shandwick. Last year I worked as Communication Assistant for the Educational Development Unit of the Institute for European Studies at the Vrije Universiteit in Brussels and here I am now at the DG INFSO (European Commission) where one of my dreams came true:  I am working with the best (communication) team on Digital Agenda for Europe  Social Media & Audio-Visual  stuff! As you can see, my internship experience is very rich, now it’s time to get a real job (again)!

I accepted the invitation to speak at the Stagiaires’ Ideas that Matter #2 event, because… I believe that our ideas matter! And if my ideas make even just one person in the audience to go back to its own dreams, I’ll know that I succeeded.

My source of inspiration… Family. Love. Music. Sea. Coffee. :)

If you want to contact Jelena check these!                                                                         TWITTER: @PolCommsYeLena // FACEBOOK:



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