Yacine Kouhen

A Eurobubbler who plays the Eurobubble game differently

Yacine Kouhen

My idea that matters… In the Eurobubble, Eurobubblers play the Eurobubble game, just as other people play other social games in other bubbles. But what lies beyond the Eurobubblers’ masks?
As much as we can try to run away from it by fitting into different boxes and putting labels onto ourselves, in the end we have to face the disturbing and amazing fact that we are all unique and exceptional. It is then up to us to bring this uniqueness to the world.

My stagiaire path… I did an internship for my final year of Masters at the French Embassy in Washington, DC.
It was a great experience, not as much for the work itself or the inexistent salary as for the new codes I learnt, the people I met and the discovery of Peanut Butter Ice Cream (PBIC, and don’t put a “U” somewhere in there please, tsk), still the dearest to my heart until now.

I accepted the invitation to speak at the Stagiaires’ Ideas that Matter #2 event, because… I was not invited actually, I sort of crashed my way in.
Because I like crashing things –parties, weddings, Stagiaires’ Ideas that Matters, champagne glasses etc.

My source of inspiration… Any person I meet who has a story to tell.

If you want to contact Yacine, check these! WEB: https://sites.google.com/site/eurobubble // FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Eurobubble/260198380696868

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