Jérôme Kisielewicz

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?                         

Climb the Kilimanjaro with Barack Obama!

1. Bike tyre: Always on the move with my bike, the bike tyre is a necessary friend who will always get you out of unpleasant situation!

2. Courrier International: In my opinion, the best French press publication these days! Open-minded, covering many international and local issues left out of the main media, bringing together and confronting opinions from various background, Courrier International is a must!

3. Tongerlo coaster: This betrays my passion for Belgian terrasses and Belgian delicatesses! The best place I am aware of to meet and exchange ideas with friends… It can moreover be a very useful notebook substitute.

Where can you find me online (blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook): LinkedIn

Where can you find me during the traineeship:                                            DG Mobility and Transport


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