Martha Bicket

What’s your name and DG?
Martha Bicket, DG Research and Innovation

What’s your role in the Ideas That Matter team?
Creative director and general assistant – I created the poster, programme, participant badges and our logo

What is your favourite TED talk

Can I choose more than one? No? Hmm. Well, like Lorena and Rike, I’m also a big fan of Sir Ken Robinson on education and creativity (I especially love the RSA animate version), but for a bit of variety I’ll share something different with you:

While I disagree with always looking to problems in society to try to explain away our own shortcomings, Dave Meslin’s talk at TEDxToronto raises some powerful points about the role of advertising, media, and fictional role models in a growing epidemic of ‘apathy’. At just 7 minutes long, it’s a short and sweet message about a few things we could do differently to get people more involved in issues that affect them.

Where can we find you online?

View Martha Bicket's profile on LinkedIn


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