Public speaking workshop

Paul Arinaga: use images, limit text on slides

Public speaking is a skill, and thus, like every skill, something you can learn. With that thought in mind, we invited public speaking coach Paul Arinaga of Red Phoenix Agency to do a workshop with us.

During the workshop, Paul shared his vision on the ‘Smart Presenter’ – also the title of a soon-to-be-released book by him and his co-author Lars Sudmann. After  Paul’s introduction, all speakers got the chance to give a 5-minute version of their talk, whilst the jury brutally counted the number of ‘errs’ and ‘uhms’. Through feedback from Paul and the other speakers, all speakers now have the chance to have another look at their presentation and to reformulate some of their ideas.

The floor is Valeria's!

However, it seem that the standard is already set very high. With a nice mix of serious business about climate change, sustainability and energy, in combination with personal stories around our activist dreams and role models, we are sure that Ideas That Matter is going to be an exciting roller coaster of ideas!


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