Sneak peak

What are all of these Ideas that Matter that we keep talking about?

Detailed information about the speakers and their topics will follow during next week, but the Ideas that Matter co-ordinators are proud to give you a preview of what to expect already. The three of us had the pleasure of meeting with most of the speakers in an introductory meeting on Wednesday night, and all of us were filled with inspiration as we left. One of the best things with organising this event is the surprises – we are providing the logistics, the initial ideas, and the external speakers, but you are providing everything else! We are absolutely thrilled with the ideas so far and we hope you will be too.

On Wednesday 22 February, we will all learn more about the third industrial, environmentally friendly, revolution; the rights, and lack thereof, of LBGT people; the way culture and tradition impact young people around the world today; female rolemodels and feminism; sustainable mobility and what future urban transport will be like; the impact of fiscal havens on the wider economy; and how you can lead change and make a difference, from grass roots involvement to high level negotiations.

Pretty fascinating stuff, right? And we have our lovely speakers to thank for this! Keep checking the website and we will provide you with all the information about the speakers and the presentations shortly.


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